EVE Online Players Assemble For Largest Battle in Online Gaming History

By Robyn Kuscher


Yesterday, a few EVE Online players engaged in a wee bit of a skirmish. When I say skirmish, I mean an all out battle. When I say a few, I mean 4,000 players.

Needless to say, this makes it the largest battle ever fought in gaming history.

This engagement, which will probably be known as the Battle of  6VDT-H was part of what the EVE community is calling the Fountain War. A scramble for over resources, the Fountain War has been raged for two months (so far) between the two main factions in-game; the CFC  and the TEST Alliance.

A critical moment of the battle came when the CFC threw a fleet of Capital ships, the strongest ships in the game, at the TEST Alliance.

A day will come again when the courage of TEST fails, when we forsake our allies and break all nips and agreements,” the CEO of Dreddit, a TEST Alliance corporation member, boldly proclaimed. “But it is not this day.” Sadly, these were hollow words, as shortly after the arrival of these Capital ships, members of the TEST Alliance started to flee.

At final count, EVE’s developers counted a grand total of 4,070 pilots involved in the battle, which lasted for 5 hours. It’s estimated that at least 2,000 ships bit the dust during this encounter, which brings the damage cost to around £15,000 ($20,000).

An EVE player said, “In game it was just another day.  It wont really affect the majority, [but] having said that, the number of players that will be affected by what happened is not insignificant- for some it will entirely turn their digital lives upside down.

Things like this happen all the time [in EVE]. The only reason you heard about this one is because of the big numbers on the headlines of news sites. There’s always a few big alliances (effectively a group of corps/guilds) fighting others, but not often on this scale in one location.


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