KYOTO Lounge closing: The UK’s first gaming lounge to close its doors in August

Kyoto Lounge1

It has been announced today by Kyoto’s Director, Arj Salehi. The announcement of KYOTO Lounge  Closing was made over a Facebook Status and that the hugely popular gaming lounge is to close its doors on the 10th of August.

The Gaming Lounge opened offering fully spec’d gaming computers, 4 Xbox’s and 2 PS3’s and has become a famous location for being the first gaming lounge of this type in the United Kingdom.

In the statement Arj Salehi said:


“For my own reasons I have agreed to sell our Manchester location and t pursue my own future and goals. There are no conspiracy theories behind this, I just want to live a more structured and healthy life. I would like to have weekends and nights off. I would like to be able to go on holiday without worrying about my business. I have had so much fun creating Kyoto into such an awesome place for people to hang out. If anything, it’s like a small family, and I love that. But over the last few months, that love has wavered as certain health issues(don’t panic, I AM OK) have crept in. I feel this is the right time for me to move on, and to enjoy life. To all of you who have made Kyoto what it is today, I thank you. It has been a true pleasure.”

This announcement has come as a shock to many, including ourselves, as many Manchester Gaming societies, event nights, and social gatherings are regularly organised in the Gaming Lounge. Katy Simpson, a regular at the Lounge said: Disappointed it’s closing, it’s such a shame. Kyoto was without a doubt the friendliest bar I’ve been to and I’ve made some amazing friends there. It’s sad that the place that brought us together is gone.”

We at Gamer Pulp would like to wish many of our friends at the Lounge a really great future, and we look toward to seeing you at the Kyoto closing party in August!

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  1. james says:

    So if the place has been sold are the new owners going to run the same business or something new? Also is there any other similar place in Manchester? Very sad :(

  2. james says:

    That’s a big shame, its barely been 3 years since they opened, I remember they even made the man eve news when they first opened. Gamerbase has gone too :( Maybe I should open a new gaming bar in Manchester since there’s a gap in the market 😛 Good luck to the original owners of Kyoto lounge in their future endeavours.

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