Manchester Comic Con 2013 – Gamer Pulp Report & Pictures, A.K.A The Lack of LoL

By Liam McLoughlin & Jordan Woodward

The Manchester Comic Con today was an excellent show piece of the creative minds. Cosplayers as well as those of the nerdy disposition was all attracted to the event from all over Britain, and quite a few from abroad too. Editor Liam McLouglin and Guest Jordan Woodward report below.

Manchester Comic Con - Catwoman vs Harley Quinn

Catwoman (Our very own Dani Craig) vs Harley Quinn (Kerry Scrivener)

This years Manchester Comic Con was massively popular; the entrance queue was about half a mile long. All were waiting to see this year’s guests, which included Warwick Davis (known for his acting roles in Star Wars, Harry Potter, & The Chronicles of Narnia), and Michael Mando (best known as his Far Cry 3 counterpart, Vaas Montenegro), Kai Owen (Rhys from Torchwood) and various cast members from Young Dracula and Merlin. As part of the exhibition, roboteers from all over the UK assembled for a one-off live Robot Wars-style show-down, which also included past contestants from the TV show. Last year, more than 11, 300 people flocked to attend the event in the Manchester Central hall, and it’s thought that yet more attended today.

Personally, my favourite part at the convention was, and will always zealously be the Cosplay. This year Adventure Time, Dr Who, and Batman was all popular themes. By Batman, I mean a ridiculous amount of girls wearing next to nothing as Harley Quinn, Catwoman or Poison Ivy. I had to shut Jordan’s mouth a few times for him before he drooled all over his shirt. Surprisingly this year didn’t host to many League of Legends cosplays – maybe next year.

The Expo had a great selection of stalls too. Ranging from personalised art to Cosplay repair. We spoke to a couple today; John Rioran from Great Beast Comics, assuredly declared this:

“The atmosphere here is really friendly; [but] it’s also amazingly hot in here too. Being my first event here, I don’t have much to compare it to; however I will be returning”

One volunteer for Totally Cosplay, Karan Thomas, was helping out on the Manchester Comic Con’s Cosplay repair stand where for free you could do quick repairs to keep cosplayers looking their prime, said: “It’s kind of a shame being behind the stalls, it’s really fun to walk around and check out some of the great ingenuity [that’s been] put into some of these costumes, but it’s great to be working the stalls nevertheless.”


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