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Microsoft E3 Coverage: let’s look at what Xbox One had to offer

Microsoft at E3


This year, Microsoft really did have a sound-bite they was hoping the press would pick up on for the Xbox One. The word ‘exclusive’ was mentioned well over 100 times.  Well Mr Microsoft we wont be falling for it. Every time we at Gamer Pulp say ‘exclusive’, we’ll be donating £2 to a Donkey Sanctuary, just to make sure we try not to fall for it.

What we liked

-Some decent looking original IPs rather than a domination of well known game series.

-A release date! Finally!  November of this year, (2013 if your reading his from the future, yes that includes you Marty McFLy.)

-No mention of Call of Duty, at all.


What we didn’t like

– The price: at current conversion rates UK gamers will be paying £108 more than on the American market. Even at £429, this is a risky move if Sony decide to undercut them.

-No self publishing for Indie Designers.

-Quite a lot of showcasing of how games can be played though ‘Smart glass’ though your Windows 8 Tablet or Phone, this seems really annoying for gamers who don’t already own both, or are unlikely to buy.

– Would of loved to have seen any advancement in the Kinect system, but there was very little attention payed to it.


Xbox One Live

What was new for the service? Firstly, there has been some improvement on the whole – unlimited friendlists, and a removal of Microsoft points so you can buy online content in real world currency. What really excited us was the implementation of ‘Twitch’ so you can share your gameplay in real time with your friends, and strangers, on the net.

Then was a display of the new matchmaking service, that seemed to fail completely when the producer of Killer Instinct was matched against an innocent looking lady (the first woman to appear for over an hour and a half) who subsequently got beat, hard, in an embarrassing fashion, in front of millions of people. It was really a shoddy way of displaying what might have been a better service.


A Quick Game by Game view

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of RomeA visually impressive game, although one has to wonder what it would have been like if it implemented the style of play seen in Chivalry: Medieval conflict.

You follow the travels of a Roman General during a war against the Barbarians. We liked how the fight combos are far better implemented in this game; cleverly done so you don’t have AI waiting around for you to finish a move. Instead, you are given an opportunity to block and attack as part of your current move – an issue with some of some games we have played.


Killer Instinct

KillerI3Although not original IP, we haven’t seen this old classic since ’96. A revival has been talked about since 2010, so it’s good to see this finally come to fruition. But we can’t help but wonder if it’s a  move  to possibly cater to fighter fans who a bit bored of the old Street Fighter and Tekken.



Sunset Overdrive

This was the first game on the title list to show us how the cloud was going to be implemented in the new Xbox One. What we really liked about this open world game was how the community can change the gameplay. However, the concept of Zombie/mutant horde seems to be getting a little tiresome.


Forza 5

Forza 5Now we kept our eye out for this one as racing games are always a good test of a consoles graphic capability. The game was announced impressively, with lots of smoke and a McClaren coming up from the stage floor;  we were wondering if game would match it’s introduction.

The graphics looked great… but we somehow expected more. This is supposed to be the new generation of gaming but there was little extra to be seen from Forza 4. This was, however, made up for easily by the showcase of ‘Drivator.’ This completely replaces AI through the game learning how you drive, and then allows others to compete against a computer generated version of your racing style. This in theory should allow for much more fun way of racing, using a cloud computing technology exclusive to the Xbox.

Indie Games

There was much pomp and circumstance  surrounding how the Xbox was working with Indie game designers… but there was  little substance to this. Only two indie games by game studios already known to the Xbox 360 were mentioned; Minecraft made an appearance. There was no mention at all about self publishing, which has become popular through PC distributors like Steam. The presentation quickly moved on to how Xbox have founded 5 new game studios, instead. All-in-all, not impressed with what the Xbox One has to offer for indie designers.


Project Spark

 The Escapist

The Escapist

Now this little beauty impressed us. It brings some of the creativity you can exploit though Garry’s Mod or Kerbal Space Programme to a console. This game gives you the ability to create through voice commands though the Xbox One inbuilt Kinnect or through Smart Glass.  You can create a new world in minutes, and also create people to inhabit your new world, which is all programmed by you or from people in the community.





Crimson Dragon

We would love to tell you more about this game, but unfortunately somebody goofed and the gameplay video had no sound. We are guessing Sony is currently hoping that failure of video content is exclusive to Microsoft this year.


Dead Rising 3

Dead rising 3The graphics in this game look, well… mediocre, and the video showed the character did well at repeating himself. If I end up playing this game, I fear the constant “oh thank god,” “WOAH,” and “Uh’s” will drive me insane till I throw the brand new £429 Xbox One console out the window.

However unlike previous games in the Dead Rising franchise, this game will only be coming to Xbox One (hahaha I didn’t say the word, you wont get me again Microsoft soundbite!) We have already had a few people message us on the Gamer Pulp Facebook page complaining about that move.


The Witcher Three: Wild Hunt

 This looks like a very standard fantasy free-roam RPG. However the graphics look like they far exceed anything Skyrim has to offer. Other than that, nothing to see here… move along.


Battlefield 4

256px-Battlefield_4[1]So the only thing I really wanted to know about this, ‘Could Birgirpall abuse the hell out of this?’ And yes, yes he can. The new game engine really does look like it has made some serious advancement, especially in the physics engine, which could lead to some serious goofing around by one of my favourite Youtubers. However there was little mention of what changes will be made to the class system, if any.





Halo 5Halo 5

I guess everyone here guessed this would pop up. But we were left really disappointed. There was no real gameplay and only a snippet of information about the game. There was more time pushed into the direction Microsoft was taking with the story line, rather than the game itself.



TitanfallThis game looks super promising. Multiplayer was showcased, with some seriously impressive gameplay. It gave us the impression the game had taken some of the great features of Battlefield 2142 and improved on them, but unfortunately not nearly enough time was spent looking at this game.





If Sony plays its cards right, the new Play Station could win this generations battle. This is mainly down to the controversy surrounding how the Xbox One collects information on your viewing and gaming habits- it’s all a bit Orwellian. However, we will have to see when Sony release their console. If it is a significant time after the Xbox One’s release date in November, they might be losing out as gamers grow tired of waiting.

Unlike Microsoft’s last conference, there was a lot less focus on the entertainment capabilities of the Xbox One, and instead it focused on the actual games (as it should be.) Overall, I was hoping for a bit more from the console; nothing seemed massively new, considering the release price of the console being higher than the Xbox 360 (£279.99). Microsoft really needed something bigger up their sleeves.

Well Donkey Sanctuary you’ve got £8 going your way. Well Played.

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  1. Waabbit says:

    Well written. :) Me gusta. The kinect has been improved on though I believe, it apparently has Eulerian temporal amplification or whatever the hell it’s called, saw it showcased at MIT but I don’t see how they could get it in a 30fps camera… *sceptical*

    I think PS4 wins this one, definitely.

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