From the store that brought you the Head Crab Hat, Ballonicorn Plushie and Inflatable Portal Turret comes Reasonably Priced TF2 Figurines, Part 2!

Valve has announced that, due to popular demand, it will be extending its line of Team Fortress toys to include the Heavy and the Soldier.

Priced at a just $21 (£13 ), the new figures will come with coupons for in-game free hats (because everybody wants a free hat!) and will start shipping from July.

The toys are the second pair to be sold through the Valve Store, along with the already available Demoman and Pyro.

NECA, who make the toys, also revealed shots of Spy and Engineer models, so it can be safely assumed that you’ll be able to own all 9 characters in the near future. However, there is no word on whether a range of decorative headgear will be made to accompany the action figures.

Source: NECA

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